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How to make £100 in less than 20 minutes EVERY DAY

Need money fast? Find out how to make £100 or more within 20* minutes using my strategy.

Regular readers of our website will know that I have not had a boss for more than 5 years now and I am still in my 20s. Although I am not a millionaire just yet I do live a comfortable lifestyle. I have paid off my student debt and mortgage and make six figures a year.

I am revealing one of my big money making methods to you today. Free of charge. There are no catches.

Making money doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether it’s going to be used as your full-time income or additional money. And whilst there are lots of money-making opportunities out there, I haven’t come across a quicker or easier one than my method.

If you have a spare 20 minutes or so each day, you can make a free £100. If you have a free hour each day, there’s no reason why you can’t be making £200-300. All from the comfort of your own home – whether that’s on your PC, laptop or mobile device.

It doesn’t matter what your living situation is like currently, as long as you are an adult. My method works for almost anyone – whether you’re a student, parent, working a full-time job or even unemployed.

Don’t worry, I am not going to sell you a dream and deliver you false promises. Likewise, you won’t need to fill out 1000 surveys to earn a fiver, magically become a successfully affiliate or content writer over night, and you won’t even need to leave your house. But you can if you want to.

OK, so to make this daily income, I head over to the Live Roulette table. Bear with me on this. But trust me. I’m not asking you hand over any money or sign up to anything here so you might as well read it all the way through and make your own decision at the end of it.

For those who don’t know how to play Roulette, here is all you need to know:

Roulette consists of a wheel with divisions around its edge containing colours and numbers. A ball is spun around the edge of the bowl until the ball and wheel come to rest with the ball dropping into one of the numbered divisions. This is the winning number and colour.

A roulette wheel consists of numbers 0-36, with the numbers alternating between black and red. Except for the number 0, which is green. Number 0 is bad. We don’t like number 0. But it only affects us once a week or so. It’s not a big deal because we end up making £100+ anyway.

Prior to the wheel being spun you get the opportunity to place your bet. Live casinos in my experience usually give you 15-30 seconds to do this between bets. You simply need to click on your chip that represents your stake and then select what you want to bet on.

When playing roulette I choose red. This means that if the ball lands in the colour red I win. If it lands in black or green I lose. I have a 48.6% chance of winning on every spin. I choose red because I get odds of evens. Similarly, you can bet on odd or even numbers for the same chance and same return. You can bet on black too. Personally, whatever you start with I would recommend you using that throughout. But perhaps that’s my superstition. Either way, it works for me.

Then I use the Martingale System.

As explained in the link above, everytime you lose you bet double your previous amount. So when you win your profit is the same as what you would have got if you won your initial bet. For example:

Bet £5 on Red. Lose
Bet £10 on Red. Lose
Bet £20 on Red. Win. Profit = -£5 & -£10 & +£20 = +£5

Then basically you rinse and repeat until you reach £100. When you win first time then it’s +£5 straight away. In the screenshots below of my latest session you’ll notice that sometimes I win more than £5. That’s because I have so much experience and profit that I can take bigger chances. So my quicker method is this:

Bet £10 on Red. Win. Profit = £10

Bet £10 on Red. Lose
Bet £25 on Red. Win. Profit = £15

Bet £10 on Red. Lose
Bet £25 on Red. Lose
Bet £50 on Red. Win. Profit = £15

On six spins in approximately 6 minutes we have made £40 profit. We have won 3 spins and lost 3 spins, which is in the region of the 48.6% win percentage.

Below are screenshots of me doing this in person:

My session began at 22:06:44 and I even started off with a £25.50 loss.

My session ended at 22:24:11pm and my profit was at £109.50

That’s £109.50 in a few seconds less than 20 minutes. That’s the equivalent of £327.50 per hour wage… TAX FREE

You’ll see the biggest bet I ever had to make was £200. I was on a four-game losing streak. In doing this for over 5 years now, the most I have ever had to bet to make £15 is £400. That’s after losing five in a row. I have never seen the same colour come out six times in a row EVER. But I leave £800 in my account just in case. I withdraw my winnings at the end of each day.

The less you aim to win the less your risk is. So if staking £400 makes you feel nervous, aim to win £5 per streak. That way your stakes are: £5, £10, £20, £40, £80, £160 if you were to lose six in a row.

And here’s a screenshot from the previous 3 days at another casino:

Ready to start? Wait – I have a bonus for you. Click on this link or the banner below to open a free account at Rizk today and get free bets up to £200 to get started with.

One question you’re probably asking is, “Why don’t you just make £1,000 everyday”, right? Simple. If you make too much money you’ll get banned from casinos. £100 has been a sweet spot for me and I use a couple of casinos so that I am not rinsing £3,000 from the same casino, but rather from a combination of casinos. I have been banned from a few casinos over the past 5 years that’s true, but there are so many out there that I am confident I can keep making £100 a day, or £3,000 a month or £36,500 free money year after year at least for another decade, if not the rest of my life.

Any other questions? Please comment below or use our contact form. I’ll be happy to help you out.

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