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>>> Visit UK Student Poker<<<

Get an EyePoker license for free via UKStudentPoker.com

Unbeatable iPoker Deals from Betfred Poker

Betfred Poker own and run UK Student Poker, www.ukstudentpoker.com, which was set up 5 years ago to promote the annual UK Student Poker Championship.

But the two incredible deals are available to everyone! Plus you get $25 extra by simply emailing UK Student Poker saying you’ve come from SpadeIT.com!

How it works

Choose the Ladder before the Club, or head straight to the Club – it’s your choice:

Training Tools Ladder

For 15,000 Betfred Points (requires $1,000 tourney fees, similar for cash games). You receive:
  • EyePoker
  • Hold’em Manager
  • 3 months DeucesCracked subscription
  • 12 months CardRunners or additional 12 DeucesCracked months
  • Released $300 Bonus Dollars into your Bankroll

That is valued at approximately $800! If you have any of the Tools you can take a cash alternative!

UK Student Poker stays within iPoker regulations to ensure all their players are always protected! These are unbeatable deals!

If you sign up for either the Ladder or the Club, please email info@ukstudentpoker.com with subject ‘SpadeIT.com’ with your Betfred username.

You will then get an additional $25 Bonus Dollars for free!