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About SpadeIT

WWW.SpadeIT.COM is the home of the table selection and datamining utilities SpadeEye, SpadeEye-Omaha, Telescope, EyePoker, PrimaEye and EverestEye.

Table selection

One key aspect of poker is: You don't need to be the best player in the world to make money with it. Just find a player that's worse than you.

Visit this website for information on how to play poker in the United States as well as which poker rooms are safe to play at.

Our products will assist you in table selection, and give you a huge advantage.
But what exactly is "table selection", and why is it important?

Table selection is the process of selecting the most profitable tables out of the available ones.
Thus selecting the most profitable tables can boost your hourly winrate.
Our products make table selection and datamining easy and fast.

No Limit, Texas Holdem Poker Table Selection
Our products display the list of available pokertables, the players sitting at that tables, along with their statistics, as well as the tables averages, without having to open the table window.
The statistics are retrieved from your local database(s). Pokertracker PostgreSQL/Access, PokerTracker3, Holdem Manager, PokerStrategy Elephant, Pokermanager Firebird and PokerOffice mySQL databases are being supported.

Brief summary:

  • Display the list of available poker tables, along with the table averages statistics
  • Display the players sitting at the poker tables, along with their statistics
  • Custom player/table colorprofiles to detect "fishes" and "sharks" on the fly.
    Define colorprofiles so that you can easily detect players you want to play against, and players you want to avoid
  • Custom player scoring to refine and fit the table selection criteria to your needs
  • Open a table out of our product by a simple click
  • Join a table out of our product by a simple click
  • Datamining in order to gather statistics about your possible opponents

This is not a cheating software.
It does not give you an unfair advantage.
It just replaces pen, paper and saves time.
Our products are actively developed! New features are always being added.


The fabulous world of poker has always been an integral part of the online casino world.
It has been one of the most popular games to come out of the gambling world and continues to stay a popular one, bringing both a rewarding and fun style of gaming play, so give it a shot and who knows, lady luck could be smiling down on you!


In order to have statistics about your opponents our products offer the ability to "datamine".

Datamining is the process of observing and gathering information about your opponents play.

Poker is a game of imperfect information.
Thus the more information you have, the higher your advantage will be.
To have the biggest advantage possible we suggest you to use a service like hhDealer.com and simply buy hand histories.
You can make the correct decisions, based on the information you gathered in the past, and raise your profit.

Brief summary:

  • Specify the stake(s) to datamine
  • Specify the struct to datamine (fullring, 6 max, heads up)
  • Specify the number of tables to datamine
  • Set the (min. / max.) number of players a table must have to get datamined
  • Automatically replaces tables that drop outside the specified min. and max. number of players by new ones
  • More efficient ("semi-smart") datamining by automatically searching for tables with unknown players.
    Get rid of having more than 10.000 reads of some players while having zero of others!