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SpadeEye Light - (SpadeEye without datamining FullTiltPoker)

SpadeEyeLight does not include datamining FullTiltPoker.
Download the SpadeEyeLight installer:
Click the link above and save the installer to your Desktop, or a folder you can easily locate.
Run the installer and follow the instructions.

See the requirements below, if you have any problems.

Upgrade your existing version:
Click the link above and choose "Save As".
Save the file to your Desktop or to a folder you can easily locate.
Extract the archive into your existing SpadeEye installation directory and replace all existing files.

You can use the installer above if you have problems upgrading your existing version.
Your registration will not get lost.


Microsoft .net 2.0 or higher is required.
Microsoft .net 2.0: Download

Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package is required.
Download the 32-bit version if you have a 32-bit operating system (most likely).
Microsoft Redistributable Package: Download (32-bit version)
Microsoft Redistributable Package: Download (64-bit version)

Our products require a Windows compatible operating system (XP, 2000, NT or Vista).

SpadeEye requires the english PartyPoker client.
Do not use any PartyPoker Lobby Themes.

Important when using Windows Vista:
You have to run SpadeEye and the poker client as admin.
Run the windows explorer and navigate to your SpadeEye installation directory.
Right click the SpadeEye executable, and select "Run as admin" from the popup menu.


Version 3.40 08.01.2012:
- Added PartyPoker.dk and Danske Spil support.
Version 3.38 07.07.2011:
- Fix for latest PartyPoker update.
Version 3.36 01.07.2011:
Version 3.35 01.10.2010:
- Fix for latest FullTilt update.

Version 3.34 22.08.2010:
- Fix for latest PartyPoker update.
- Added Party Poker 20BB tables filter.

Version 3.33 09.07.2010:
- Added Party Poker shallow table filter for datamining.
- Fix for latest FullTiltPoker update.

Version 3.31 04.03.2010:
- Fix for Party Poker join table.

Version 3.30 01.03.2010:
- Fix for Absolute Poker and UltimateBet.
- Fix for joining a PartyPoker table that's not full.

Version 3.29b 28.01.2010:
- Fix for Absolute Poker.
- Fix for PartyPoker.

Version 3.27 08.12.2009:
- Fixed datamining for UltimateBet and Absolute Poker.

Version 3.26 07.12.2009:
- Fixed datamining for UltimateBet and Absolute Poker.
- Fixed tablescanner for UltimateBet and Absolute Poker.

Version 3.25 05.10.2009:
- Added datamining for Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker.

Version 3.24 Beta 31.08.2009:
- Fix for FullTiltPoker Ante table.
- Fix for high CPU usage after FullTilt scan.

Version 3.23 Beta 12.08.2009:
- Fix for latest FullTiltPoker.

Version 3.21d Beta 31.07.2009:
- Fixed stacksize at FullTilt.
- Important for FullTilt: Do not customize the panel to the right side in the standard lobby view.
(The one where the open/join buttons and playerlist is).
Just leave that to "default".

Version 3.21 Beta 31.07.2009:
- Fixed Cap/Deep/Speed filter for FullTilt.
- Added support for FullTilt "standard view"-lobby.
The Cap/Deep/Speed filter will not work with the "standard" lobby,
but you can use the standard lobby view itself to hide the cap/deep tables...
- Fixed "Open" / "Join" for FUllTilt.

Version 3.20 Beta 18.07.2009:
- Many improvements for FUllTiltPoker.
- No more focus steal.
- Faster scan.
- Faster open/join.

Version 3.19 14.07.2009:
- Fixed "Avg. Pot" sorting for FullTilt.
- Added Cap-Filter.
- Added ability to move FullTilt lobby during scan (optional).
- Fixed filter for latest FullTiltPoker.
- Fixed shortstack recognition for latest FullTiltPoker.
- Added ability to join a table for latest FullTiltPoker client.

Version 3.17 10.07.2009:
- Fix for latest FullTiltPoker update.
You will have to reconfigure your SpadeEye "Filter"!

Version 3.17 05.06.2009:
Fix for latest Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet update.

Version 3.15 05.05.2009:
Fixed scan problems with FullTiltPoker.

Version 3.14 30.04.2009:
Some more fixes for latest PartyPoker and FullTilt update.

Version 3.13 30.04.2009:
Fixed SpadeEye for latest PartyPoker update.
Fixed scanning problems at FullTilt.

Version 3.12 28.04.2009:
Fixed scoring for Absolute Poker".
Fixed SpadeEye for latest FullTilt update.

Version 3.09 30.12.2008:
Fixed a problem at "playerstatistics by table type".

Version 3.08 18.12.2008:
Added support for Ultimate Bet.
Added ability to display playerstatistics by type of table.
SpadeEye will remember position and size.
Columns will remember the width.

Version 3.05 01.11.2008:
Fixed the "duplicate tables"-bug at scanning PartyPoker.

Version 3.04 19.10.2008:
- Fixed PokerTracker 3 cache support.
- Fixed closing of empty PartyPoker tables at datamining.
- Modified "Main->options->open tables".
You will need to reconfigure this tab.

Version 3.02 16.10.2008:
- Modified PokerTracker 3 support.
One can now choose between:
1) PokerTracker 3 raw (all) statistics.
Should be slower than the other options, but deliver always up-to-date statistics.
2) PokerTracker 3 playercache statistics
3) SpadeEye PT3 aggregator statistics

Version 3.00 11.10.2008:
- Fixed several scan problems at PartyPoker.
- Improved PokerTracker 3 support.
SpadeEye will now use the PokerTracker 3 playercache instead of its own aggregator.
Make sure you use at least build 18 of PokerTracker 3.
- Added Autorate icons for PokerTracker 3.

Version 2.97 10.10.2008:
- SpadeEye can now scan several stake at PartyPoker.
Just make sure you configure the stakes in the SpadeEye filter.

Version 2.95 01.10.2008:
- SpadeEye can now select the stake in the PartyPoker lobby when datamining.
(You will need to re-configure "main->options->limits")
- Fixed the detection of the waiting list for PartyPoker.
Tables you are waiting for will get marked yellow in SpadeEye.

Version 2.94 28.09.2008:
- Fixed statistics retrieval for HoldemManager database on Absolute Poker.
- Fixed the "Scan this table" button for PartyPoker.

Version 2.93 27.09.2008:
- Quick fix scanning for latest PartyPoker update.
A more detailed SpadeEye update will follow soon, but tableselection should be working again.
Just make sure "Hide seated players info" in the PartyPoker lobby is unchecked.

Version 2.92 23.09.2008:
- Fixed datamining PartyPoker for latest PartyPoker update.
Fixing the tableselection part will take some more time:
Read More

Version 2.90 17.08.2008:
- Fixed PT3 Aggregator.
- Fixed a problem where datamining with SpadeEye closes tables of other pokerrooms.

Version 2.86 24.07.2008:
- Filter re-done.
Added Filter for "Deep Stack tables".
- When selecting a player the tablelist will scroll to its table.
- Tables you are on the waitinglist will get colored yellow in the playerlist panel (PartyPoker only).
- Changed the sorting.

Version 2.85 22.07.2008:
- Fixed a bug at datamining FullTiltPoker.

Version 2.84 21.07.2008:
- Fixed possible database problems.

Version 2.83 19.07.2008:
- Fixed the sorting of "#Reads" column.

Version 2.82 13.07.2008:
- Fixed the sorting of "Player" column.
- Slightly improved datamining FullTiltPoker.

Version 2.81 03.07.2008:
- Fixed a bug at datamining FullTiltPoker.

Version 2.80 29.06.2008:
- Fixed crash at stopping datamining.

Version 2.79 29.06.2008:
- Fixed a split pot bug at datamining PartyPoker.
- Added back ability to open table if seat available when trying to join waitinglist.
(see "Main->options->display->join waitinglist button")

Version 2.77 14.06.2008:
- Added Aggregator Database for PokerTracker 3 support.
The Aggregator Database is a compression for PokerTracker 3 databases.
It should significantly improve the scanning speed.
See "PT3 Aggregator->update database" for further instructions.

Version 2.76 13.06.2008:
- Added "VPIP" for Elephant databases.

Version 2.75 08.06.2008:
- Probably fixed a crash problem with HoldemManager databases.

Version 2.74 07.06.2008:
- Drastically improved performance with the upcoming HoldemManager version 1.05.09 database.
- Minor Bugfixes.

Version 2.73 04.06.2008:
- Fixed a problem with PokerTracker 3 databases.
- Fixed the "minimize tables" button at SemiSmart datamining FullTiltPoker.

Version 2.72 02.06.2008:
- Added a first support for PokerStrategy Elephant.
- Added version check on startup. See "Update" menu.
- SemiSmart datamining is now more comfortable.
You can set time interval, and column for opening new tables.
- Fixed playercount at opening tables when using SemiSmart datamining.
- Fixed the "minimize tables" button at SemiSmart datamining.
- Removed "unjoin waitinglist" when trying to join a waitinglist at FullTiltPoker.

Version 2.71 22.05.2008:
- Fixed problems with PokerTracker 3 databases and playernames containing special characters.
- Fixed ability to join waitinglists on FullTiltPoker with SpadeEye.
- SpadeEye now no more opens a PartyPoker table if you try to join the waitinglist, but the table is empty.
- Added new method for more efficient datamining on PartyPoker, EmpirePoker and FullTiltPoker.
SpadeEye runs a scan, sorts the tables by #hands (ascending), and opens the top X tables.
Thus the tables where you have less hands on players will be opened with a higher priority.

Specifiy the amount of tables to open in "main->options->open tables". Configure the playercount and type of tables in the SpadeEye "Filter". Run the new datamining method via "Datamining->Start Semi Smart Datamining".

Version 2.70 10.05.2008:
- Added support for FullTilt Happy Hour tables.
- Added ability to close only minimized tables when datamining (see "Main->Options->Close Tables").
- Added ability to exclude Deep Stack tables from scan (see SpadeEye "filter").

Version 2.68b 17.03.2008:
- Added ability to set the tableopener to open 18 tables on FullTiltPoker.

Version 2.68 28.02.2008:
- Quick fix for latest FullTilt update.

Version 2.67c 19.02.2008:
- Stacksizes get updated.
- Fixed a "client not found" bug introduced by version 2.66.
- Fixed display of Stacksize with non US regional settings in windows.
- Fixed ability to hide the column "Stack".

Version 2.66 15.02.2008:
- One can now exclude "speed tables" from tableselection.
- Added new column "Hands/Hour" for a table.
- Fixed tableopener for reserved seats heads up table.
- tablename gets now colored in the bottom pane, too.

Version 2.64 28.1.2008:
- Fixed the SpadeEye filter.

Version 2.63 27.1.2008:
- Tables can now be closed from within SpadeEye.

Version 2.62 25.1.2008:
- Joining the waitinglist on FullTiltPoker should be more reliable now.
- The column width gets no more adjusted after a scan.

Version 2.61 24.1.2008:
- Progressdialog moved into statusbar.
- Fixed stacksize in BB for microstakes.
- Fixed Enter-key for opening tables at Full Tilt Poker.
- Rebuild the tablecounter for datamining PartyPoker to fix the "too much tables open" error.
- Fixed waitinglist bug at PartyPoker.
SpadeEye will not join the waitinglist if you are already seated at the table.

Version 2.60 16.1.2008:
- Fixed a bug with HoldemManager databases in use with AbsolutePoker.

Version 2.59 12.12.2007:
- Open Tables are now being displayed with bold text in SpadeEye.
- Stacksizes can now be displayed in Big Bets.
See "main"->"options"->"display" to enable this.

Version 2.58 11.12.2007:
- Tables - you are in the waitinglist - are now being marked yellow (only for Party-/EmpirePoker).
- A players Score is now visible.
- Scoring can now be done by number of hands.

Version 2.57 20.11.2007:
- Fixed waitinglist support for latest PartyPoker update.

Version 2.55c 07.11.2007:
- Fixed a bug with #shortstacks and different currency formats.
- A seperate colorprofile for the tables can now be defined.

Version 2.55 04.11.2007:
- Fixed a bug with stacksize and different currency formats.
- Added the ability for a scoring system.
Under "main"->"options"->"scoring" one can define rules to set a scoring for a player on a table.
In the tablecolumn "Score" one can see the score of a table, based on this rules.

Version 2.54 31.10.2007:
- Fixed a bug with stacksize and different currency formats.
- Added full support of HoldemManager databases.
- Fixed a bug with closing tables of other pokerclients when datamining FullTiltPoker.

Version 2.52 28.10.2007:
- The bug with special characters in playernames for HoldemManager databases has been fixed.
- Fixed the 0-playerstatistics-bug when using SpadeEye with AbsolutePoker and PostgreSQL databases.

Version 2.51 26.10.2007:
- Added ability to play a soundfile when the scan is over.
See "main"->"options"->"display" for details.
- Pressing F10 will run a scan.
- Fixed the "stop" datamining bug.

Version 2.50b 22.10.2007:
- Fixed the bug "poker client not found" when datamining FullTiltPoker with version 2.50.

Version 2.50 22.10.2007:
- Fixed a problem with scanning on FullTiltPoker.
- Added ability to exclude Jackpot tables from scan.

Version 2.49 12.10.2007:
- Fixed a problem with casesesitive screennames on AbsolutePoker.
- The progressbar can now get minimized.

Version 2.48 12.10.2007:
- Column "#shortstacks" at FullTilt fixed.
- Added some new no limit stakes at FullTiltPoker.
- Fixed the SpadeEye filter for scanning specific stakes on AbsolutePoker.
- Fixed the no limit stakes filter at Bodog.
- SpadeEye now closes the FullTiltPoker window "too many tables open" if necessary.
- SpadeEye now closes the "inactivity" window from PartyPoker when datamining.
- Added possibility to scan for Heads Up tables.
See the SpadeEye filter for details.

Version 2.47 10.10.2007:
- fixed a problem with spaces or specialcharacters in the playername with PostgreSQL databases.

Version 2.46 06.10.2007:
- fixed the problem with hyphens or blanks in the playername.
- Screenname gets saved per site.
- Tables, you are sitting at, are now marked green in the playerlist, too.
- Colorcoding for Avg. AF added.
- Added missing checkboxes for "#Loser" and "Tot.Stacks" to display tab in the options.
- One can open a table directly from the playerlist window with a doubleclick.

Version 2.45 03.10.2007:
- Fixed a problem with different regional settings.

Version 2.44 02.10.2007:
- Fixed wrong seat numbers in the playerwindows.
- Fixed a small freeze after a scan.

Version 2.43 29.09.2007:
- Improved the datamining.
- Added a shortstack filter.

Version 2.42 27.09.2007:
- Fixed a bug with an annoying error message regarding special characters when scanning the database.
- Added a new column (# Shortstacks) to the tableview.
One can now define below what stacksize a player counts as "shortstacked".
The number of shortstacked players gets displayed in the tablelist.
See "Main"->"Options"->"Profil" for more information.
- Added a new column (# tables) to the playerview.
The number of tables a player is currently playing at is now being displayed in this new column.
This should ease the identification of multitablers.
- The parameter "number of tables to open" for datamining gets now saved seperately for each pokerroom.
One no more need to change this value when switching between e.g. PartyPoker and FullTiltPoker.

Version 2.41 21.09.2007:
Fixed a bug that caused datamining to freeze.

Version 2.40 17.09.2007:
The "Close table if X player with Y hands on" option should be working again.
Added the missing "amount won" statistic for PokerOffice databases.

Version 2.39 15.09.2007:
Fixed a bug that could cause no tables to be scanned.

Version 2.38 03.09.2007:
Fixed a connection problem with Pokertracker network databases.

Version 2.36 30.08.2007:
Added: The playerwindow can now be filtered by "number of hands".
Added: You can now exclude yourself from scan to save time.
See "Main"->"Options"->"Profile" for details.

Version 2.35 15.08.2007:
Added: More filter options.

Version 2.34 09.08.2007:
Added: Ability to datamine and filter for Pot Limit tables at FullTiltPoker.
Added: Added more filter options to the table and playerlist filter.
Now you can filter e.g. for shortstacks.

Version 2.33 08.08.2007:
Added: SpadeEye now remembers its window position.
Added: One can now filter the playerlist window, by:
- "Is on my Buddylist"
- "Is losing player"
- VPIP, PFR and AF

Version 2.32 02.08.2007:
Fixed: Latest FullTilt upgrade killed the scanning.
Fixed: CSV-Import will no more produce duplicate buddies.

Version 2.31 29.07.2007:
Added: A new column to the tablelist named "tot.Stacks", which is the sum of all player stacks at the table.
This should help to identify how much shortstacks are sitting at the table.
Added: SpadeEye can now act as tableopener only (see "main"->"options"->"general"->"datamining").
This should help those people who had trouble with the datamining.
Now you can use SpadeEye as tableopener and e.g. FreePHG for retrieveing the handhistories.
Added: "Speed" tables can now be excluded from datamining (see "main"->"options"->"Open Tables").
Added: SpadeEye is now able to write extended debug information on datamining to disk (see "main"->"options"->"general"->"datamining").
Check this feature if datamining is making trouble at you.
The next time SpadeEye crashs on datamining, email me (support@spadeit.com) the "log.txt" from your SpadeEye directory.
Do not run SpadeEye before you have emailed me the log.txt, otherwise it gets overwritten on startup.

Version 2.30 26.07.2007:
No relevant changes made.

Version 2.29 23.07.2007:
Fixed: Improved scanning speed.
Fixed: Bottom panel in mainwindow can now be removed.
See "main"->"options"->"display" for more details.
Fixed: Pokeroffice support went broke in one of the last versions, but should work now again.

Version 2.27 21.07.2007:
Fixed: A problem with the PokerStars tablescanning.

Version 2.26 20.07.2007:
Added: Bodog support for tablescanning added.
Added: Options to remove "Att. Steal", "Fold SB", "Fold BB" from playerview.
Added: New column to the tableview "# Loser".
This is the number of losingplayers at a table.

Version 2.25 19.07.2007:
Added: PokerStars support for tablescanning added again.
Don't expect it to be working very well, but with your help we may get it to work stable and adequate.
- The PokerStars Lobby is pushed to the front while scanning and the playerlist must be visible on the screen.
- Use the Filters within the PokerStars software to specifiy what kind of tables you want to scan.

Version 2.22 18.07.2007:
Fixed: Missing "Amount Won" and "Steal" statistics fixed for Access databases.
Fixed: Sorting for column "Avg. Pot" fixed.

Version 2.21 17.07.2007:
Fixed: Removed duplicate entrys in the lower mainwindow.

Version 2.20b 17.07.2007:
Fixed: Autorate icons with Pokertracker Access databases.

Version 2.20 17.07.2007:
Added: Added a new part to the mainwindow.
Basically it is a list of all players.
It gives you an overview of for example:
- "where are the 'worst' players playing"
- "how much tables do a player play"
Fixed: The sorting for almost all columns.

Version 2.19 16.07.2007:
Added: Support for Holdem Manager databases.
To add the Holdem Manager database into SpadeEye:
- Select "Holdem Manager" as Type
- Put "localhost" as Host
- The Database is "HoldemManagerBeta"
The other values depend on your PostgreSQL settings.
Added: The correct Playericondescriptions from Pokertracker are now being used instead of the default ones.

Version 2.17 07.06.2007:
Fixed: Hopefully fixed the datamining problems on PartyPoker.

Version 2.16 26.06.2007:
Added: Support for Vegas247 and Big Chip Poker.
Added: The "minimize tables" button can now remember its state when leaving SpadeEye.

Version 2.15 25.06.2007:
Fixed: Stacksize.
Fixed: Slightly improved the scanning speed.

Version 2.14 06.05.2007:
Added: Some missing stakes at FullTiltPoker.
Fixed: Some minor bugfixes.

Version 2.11 21.04.2007:
Fixed: Importing buddies from database.
Fixed: Tournament tables are now left untouched by the automatic closing of tables.

Version 2.10b 23.03.2007:
Fixed: Adding buddies from the playerlist is working again.

Version 2.09 16.03.2007:
Fixed: Some minor bugs fixed.

Version 2.07 12.03.2007:
Fixed: Sorting from 2.06 has been fixed.

Version 2.06 09.03.2007:
Added: The database port for SQL can now be configured within the database dialog.
So one can use databases which run on other ports than the default port 5432.

Version 2.05 24.02.2007:
Fixed: (Hopefully) fixed the performance problems encountered with version 2.03 and later.
Fixed: Worked again on the Absolutescanner. It's not perfect but should be an improvement.

Version 2.04 19.02.2007:
Fixed: Only some minor internal changes made.

Version 2.03 22.01.2007:
Added: Improved the HUD. Right click on a playername will open a popupwindow with playerstatistics.
Added: HUD: Layoutmanager. See "HUD"->"Layoutmanager" in the SpadeEye menu.
Added: Stars tableopener: Idletime of SpadeEye must now be entered when starting the datamining.
Added: Stars tableopener: Added an menuentry to the Trayicon to pause the datamining.
Added: Options->General-tab: Checkbox to dis-/enable the moving of handhistory files into the destination directory.
The destination directory is now saved in the SpadeEye directory.
This allows every copy of SpadeEye to have another destination directory.
Note: During big internal changes in this version the SpadeEye internal buddylist is not working anymore.
This will be fixed in a future version.
The HUD is currently only for Pokertracker PostgreSQL databases available.
The other databases will be added soon.

Version 2.02 06.01.2007:
Added: Improved the HUD and added a playerfilter for the HUD.
See "Main"->"Options"->"General"->"Head-Up-Display".
Added: Possibility to skip a specific number of tables for the Stars tableopener.
Fixed: "FullScan" is no more greyed out when switching the client from Stars to another client.

Version 2.01 05.01.2007:
Added: Head-Up-Display for FullTiltPoker.
Currently only 6-max and full ring tables are supported.

Version 2.00e 02.01.2007:
Added: Ability to automatically open fullring and shorthanded tables at the same time.
See "Main"->"Options"->"Open Tables" for more information.
Added: Head-Up-Display for PartyPoker.
I know this is unnecessary to most of us as we are using third party-tools for this,
but im planing to integrate some features that other Head-Up-Displays dont have, to help to improve your play.
Other pokerrooms will follow...
An explanation about the displayed numbers can be found here.

Version 1.99 31.12.2006:
Fixed: Tried to fix the problems at Absolutepoker.
It is not fixed 100% but should be a huge improvement.
Added: Colorcoding for WTSD.
There is no colorcoding included (like for the other values),
so one have to edit the colorcoding in "Main"->"Options"->"Profile".

Version 1.98 24.12.2006:
Fixed: Bug at Pokertracker database connection that caused playerdata to be skipped if playername is found under multiple pokerrooms.

Version 1.97 21.12.2006:
Fixed: Filter for scanning on AbsolutePoker.
Added: Option to exclude jackpot tables from datamining ("Options"->"Open Tables").

Version 1.95 20.12.2006:
Fixed: PartyPoker scanning will not stop anymore when spotting an empty seat.
Added: CRC-check on the AbsolutePoker scanning to detect wrong or double playerlists.

Version 1.93 19.12.2006:
Added: Doyles support is back again.
Added: Databases can now be activated under "Main"->"Options"->"Databases".
It's a small help for switching between databases. Just "check" the active databases in the list.
Note: Your old database configurations gets lost when upgrading to version 1.91.
So you have to configure your databases again in cause of this change.
Don't forget to activate them otherwise you will get no playerstatistics.
Fixed: Problem on AbsolutePoker with wrong playerlists.
Actually i don't know if it is fixed. I even don't know if SpadeEye runs stable on Absolute,
because AbsolutePoker was down the whole day for me.
I Hope it will work again tomorrow.
Fixed: Problems with special characters (for example swedish ones).

Version 1.89 13.12.2006:
Added: Total $Won added to Playerdetails.
Added: Avoiding the "Session timed out" error for datamining PartyPoker.

Version 1.88b 7.12.2006:
Fixed: Quick fix for the latest FullTilt software update.
Had not the time to test all kind of games. Maybe some stakes or structs are not working.
Added: Rudimental tableopener for Pokerstars.
Added: Some missing deepstack stakes at FullTilt.

Version 1.86 2.12.2006:
Added: FullTilt handhistory files are now being moved into the destination directory from the "Options"->"General" tab.
Fixed: Worked again on the Doyles Room support. I hope it will not crash anymore.
Had to remove the Stars Support. Too much things have broken-down by the rebuild of the Doyles support.

Version 1.85 21.11.2006:
Added: Columnwidth of the userinterface gets saved.
Added: Datamining deep stack tables at FullTiltPoker.
Added: Datamining heads up tables at FullTiltPoker. Note: The "6 max" option in the "open tables" tab have to be unchecked!

Version 1.82 16.11.2006:
Fixed: Fixed some more issues with datamining at PartyPoker.
Fixed: Bug that could cause SpadeEye to crash on startup.

Version 1.79 15.11.2006:
Fixed: Latest PartyPoker upgrade nuked datamining. Should be fixed and working again.

Version 1.78 7.11.2006:
Fixed: Next try on DoylesRoom and PokerStars.
Fixed: Some minor bugs.

Version 1.77 4.11.2006:
Fixed: Bug that could cause tables to appear more than once in the list at scanning AbsolutePoker.
Fixed: Buddylist is no more casesensitive.
Fixed: Worked on DoylesRoom scanning. Maybe fixed now.

Version 1.76 3.11.2006:
Added: Autorate icons from Pokertracker.
Added: Open table with doubleclick (see "Options"->"Display" to enable).
Fixed: Bug that could cause tables to appear more than once in the list at scanning FullTiltPoker.

Version 1.75c 2.11.2006:
Fixed: Scanning problem with Access databases.

Version 1.75b 30.10.2006:
Fixed: Buddylist gets saved after CSV-Import.
Fixed: Scanproblem on some playernames at AbsolutePoker.
Added: Logging to "log.txt" in the SpadeEye directory and to "c:\hookapi.log" for Doyles Room.
Added: Automatic opening and closing of tables at Doyles Room.
Specify which limits to open in the "Options"->"Limit" tab.
Make sure the specified tables are visible in the Doyles Room client software (to ensure this select "Holdem" from the treeview).

Version 1.73 28.10.2006:
Fixed: Stars scanning stopped after first table.

Version 1.72 27.10.2006:
Added: First version supporting Tribecan network (Doyles Room Poker).
Fixed: Scanning at PokerStars should not crash anymore.
Fixed: Datamining FullTilt crash.

Version 1.71 24.10.2006:
Added: Filter to select which struct/stake to scan on ParadisePoker.
Fixed: Scanning on ParadisePoker.
Added: Scanfilter gets saved.
Added: CSV-Import of buddies from Pokertracker.
When exporting CSV-Files from Pokertracker make sure, only the field 'playername' is checked.
Added: Minimize to systemtray.
Right or left click the SpadeEye icon in the systemtray to minimize/maximize SpadeEye.

Version 1.69 21.10.2006:
Fixed: "TableWindow not found" error for Pokerstars.
(At least i hope so. Can't test it at me...)
Fixed: Removed Freezes at FullTiltPoker when scanning/refreshing tablelist.

Version 1.68 20.10.2006:
Added: Filter to select which struct/stake to scan on FullTiltPoker.
Added: One is now able to specify in the options, which struct/stake to datamine on FullTiltPoker.
Please read the FullTiltPoker remark in the FAQ..
Fixed: Scanning of Pokerstars tables did not work, when the windows XP-Theme was enabled.
Please read the PokerStars remark in the FAQ..
Fixed: Freeze when mining FullTiltPoker.
Added: Ability to scan PokerStars tables.

Version 1.66 17.10.2006:
Fixed: Some bugs.

Version 1.64 15.10.2006:
Fixed: Set maximum number of tables to 16.
Fixed: Pokeroffice MySQL server 4.1 gets started together with SpadeEye (if installed).
Fixed: Closing of tables at FullTiltPoker.
Fixed: Crashbug introduced by version 1.60.
Fixed: Incorrect error message "Could not find Poker Client".

Version 1.60 12.10.2006:
Added: First possibility to open/close tables automatically with FullTiltPoker.
Currently only opening and closing by number of players at the table is possible.
Use the table filter within FullTiltPoker to limit the tablelist and therefore define which tables can get opened/closed.
Fixed: Minor bugs.

Version 1.59 11.10.2006:
Added: Overall tablefilter added to filterdialog.
Fixed: Removed databaseconnection when pressing "Refresh List".

Version 1.58 10.10.2006:
Fixed: Missing filter for $10/$20 on AbsolutePoker added.
Fixed: Crash on filterdialog.

Version 1.56 8.10.2006:
Fixed: AbsolutePoker player from waitinglist excluded from scan.
Added: Possibility to scan specific stakes at AbsolutePoker (filter).

Version 1.55 6.10.2006:
Added: Support for ParadisePoker (tablescanning only).
Added: Button to clear the buddysearch.
Fixed: Fixed a crash that could caused by playernames that contains special characters.
Fixed: Datamining crash bug, when no limit is selected.
Fixed: Filter bug that could cause a crash.

Version 1.53 5.10.2006:
Added: Support for Absolute Poker (tablescanning only, Lobby needs to be in foreground while scanning).
Fixed: Fixed some problems with FullTiltPoker and improved performance.
Added: Advanced filter for tables.
Added: Buddylist gets sorted by playernames (from AAA-ZZZ,aaa-zzz).

Version 1.52 3.10.2006:
Added: Support for FullTiltPoker (tablescanning only).

Version 1.50 2.10.2006:
Fix: Fixed some minor bugs.

Version 1.48 1.10.2006:
Added: Join a table with doubleclick is now optional (Options->Display).
Added: Import of buddies from local databases.
Added: Export of buddies to a CSV-file.
Added: Search for buddies is now available through a filter for the scanned tables (Buddylist->Show->Search).
Added: Intervallscan countdown gets saved when closing SpadeEye.
Fix: Hope i have fixed the problem some user had with the "Join" button (crash of pokerclient software).

Version 1.47 28.09.2006:
Added: Doubleclick on a table will join the waitlinglist.
Added: Intervalscan. Scans tables automatically after a specified amount of time.
Added: Datamining and tablescanning at the same time.
Added: Sorting preferences and windowsize gets saved.
Fix: Sorting will update after every scan.
Added: Explaining tooltips and statustips for the interface functions.

Version 1.45 27.09.2006:
Fixed some minor bugs.
Added: Average AF and WTSD can now be hidden in the interface.
Added: The average potsize for datamining can now be specified like "potsize between x and y".
Added: "Show stats for current limit only". Up so far only works with Pokertracker databases, rest will follow.
Added: Indicator to show how much reads of player we have ("Players we have qualifying reads on" divided by "all players").

Version 1.43:
Fixed: Bug with Pokermanager databases introduced by version 1.41.

Version 1.41:
Added: "Won SD" to playerstatistics.
Added: "Avg. AF" and "Avg. WTSD" to tablestatistics.
Added: Ability to customize which statistics will be shown in the interface ("Options"->"Display").
Added: Database caching to boost performance with "big" databases.
One can define how long to cache the data ("Options"->"General").